hello world

for those of you not well versed in the idiom of programming, those two words – hello world – are deeply ingrained in the mind and heart of every programmer. the first program one writes in any language will be – hello world. they are simple words that speak volumes; statingĀ i’m here, inside looking out, just a seed now, but i will expand and evolve and transform into a real program before your very eyes. just keep watching.

it is with this same sense of wonderment and expectation that I write this my first post on this my first blog. i can only hope that the growth and transformation will be useful and interesting to those that choose to read.

i hope to write about things tech related. not just gadgets and gizmos but technology impact: politics, science, culture. whether you think i’m a geek or an old geezer, i hope you find the ride interesting. if so, let me know.

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